Hoe & Yin Design Studio is committed to architecture that enhances your happiness, health and productivity. Established in 1999 and currently based in Kuala Lumpur, we are an architecture firm that have built our reputation on designing buildings and interior spaces that enhance user well-being.


We believe that buildings should serve people and not the other way around. We strive to understand the needs and lifestyle of each individual client over several conversations to uncover insights into their behaviour.

Under the guidance of experienced directors, our energetic team applies both artistic and technical expertise to create a design that suits each client’s brief. We believe that our clients’ satisfaction is our pride.

Years of professional training taught us how to craft beautiful and functional architecture and interior spaces. A wealth of accumulated experience allows us to resolve issues that arise in design, construction, site management and contractual matters.


Under he guidance of experienced directors, or energetic team applies both artistic and technical expertise to create a design that suits each client's brief. We believe that our clients' satisfaction is our pride.

The Founders


Ar. Cheong Kah Yin, Katrine

Bachelor of Architecture (1st Class Hons), Curtin University of Technology, Perth Australia.


Steven Kong Mun Hoe

Bachelor of Architecture, Curtin University of Technology, Perth Australia.

The Team

Atikah Sakinah Bt Amir

Bachelor (Hons) in Interior Architecture and Design

Chia Sue Yi (Skyler)

Bachelor (Hons) in Interior Architecture

Hani Zakhirah Bt Hashim

Bachelor (Hons) in Accounting

Ju Xuan

Low Li Hoey

Diploma in Interior Design

Mohammad Khairul Anuar B Matnin

Diploma in Architecture

Mohd Zamri B Abdul Razak

Craftmanship Certificate Course

Muhamad Din B Duin

Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia - Building Construction of Technology

Rusli Bin Antong

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Siti Syairah Binti Mahussin

Bachelor (Hons) in Science Economics

Tang Yuen Sheng

Professional 3D Render Training Course

Woon Kok Way (Kevin)

Diploma in Interior Design

Awards, Press & Video Coverage

Our uncompromising commitment and passion in articulating individual stories through our design works have always been our side. This drives all of us to work with our clients in achieving our shared vision, achieving industry various recognitions and awards.